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Success Week at Washburn University

Success Week for undergraduate students is designated as the five week days preceding the first day of scheduled final examinations each Fall and Spring semester. Success Week is intended to provide students ample opportunity to prepare for final examinations.  For academic programs, the following guidelines apply:

A. Faculty are encouraged to utilize Success Week as a time for review of course material in preparation for the final examination. If an examination is to be given during Success Week, it must not be given in the last three days of Success Week unless approved by the Dean or Department Chair. Assignments worth no more than 10% of the final grade and covering no more than one-fourth of assigned reading material in the course may be given.

B. Major course assignments (extensive research papers, projects, etc.) should be due on or before the Friday prior to Success Week and should be assigned early in the semester. Any modifications to assignments should be made in a timely fashion to give students adequate time to complete the assignments.

C. If major course assignments must be given during Success Week, they should be due in the first three days of Success Week. Exceptions include class presentations by students and semester-long projects such as a project assignment in lieu of a final. Participation and attendance grades are acceptable.

The Success Week policy excludes make-up assignments, make-up tests, take-home final exams, and laboratory examinations. It also does not apply to classes meeting one day a week for more than one hour. All University laboratory classes are exempt from this policy.

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Mabee Library

Mabee Library hosts a coffee shop, tutoring services and access to the people and information materials that are central to success in the Information Age.

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