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About Us

About Us

Student Success Advisors

  • Jeannie Cornelius
  • Kaydee Emperley
  • Pamela Erickson
  • Jennifer Jenkins
  • Stacy Woltje


  • James Barraclough
  • Alan Bearman, PhD
  • Sean Bird
  • Ann Callies
  • John Dahlstrand, PhD
  • Amber Dickinson, PhD
  • Rick Ellis, PhD
  • Brendan Fay, PhD
  • Royce Kits
  • Elaine Lewis
  • Keith Mazachek, PhD
  • Michael McGuire, PhD
  • Kim Morse, PhD
  • Leslie Reynard, PhD
  • Dennis Schafers
  • David Sollars, PhD
  • Nancy Tate, PhD
  • Sarah Ubell, PhD

Personal Librarians

  • Sean Bird
  • Elise Blas
  • Brendan Fay
  • Royce Kitts
  • Cal Melick
  • Kelley Weber
  • Gwen Wilson
  • David Winchester
Mabee Library
Mabee Library

Mabee Library hosts a coffee shop, tutoring services and access to the people and information materials that are central to success in the Information Age.


The iREAD Program encourages a common reading experience and involvement for students across campus.