Leadership In Action

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Student Leadership Council

Leadership is in the Washburn University Leadership Institute.

The Leadership Institute believes that experience is one of the principles of leadership development, and many of the best experiential opportunities lie within the Institute. As a student-led initiative, the Institute has established a Student Leadership Council with student directors and team leaders to encourage leadership development through the Washburn Leadership Experience. Different levels of responsibility with these positions allow students to immediately participate and network within the Institute.

Each Student Director in the Student Leadership Council is in charge of a different Project Team.

Recruitment and Transition Team

  • Scholarship Interview Day - plan, organize, and implement the LI Scholarship Interview Day for incoming students
  • Scholarship Outreach - design and distribute materials related to LI scholarships and recruitment of scholarship candidates
  • Fall and Spring Orientation - plan and implement the Fall and Spring Orientation for the Leadership Institute Students
  • Tabling at Junior and Senior Days, Transfer Day, and New Student Orientation

Communications Team

  • Social Network - monitor and update social networks of the Leadership Institute
  • Newsletter - write, design, and publish the annual newsletter and the E-newsletter sent out once a month
  • Invitations - create and design invitations for the Leadership Institute Events
  • Photography - take pictures at every Leadership Institute event

Programming Team

  • Banquets - plan Fall Celebration and the Spring Banquet
  • Socials - plan activities for Leadership Institute members throughout the year
  • Homecoming - plan and participate in campus wide activities during homecoming week and organize the Washburn University Homecoming Parade
  • K-12 - work with schools, clubs, and organizations in Topeka to inspire leadership in students from Kindergarten to 12th grade
  • PALS - organize the PALS program within the Leadership Institute and the PALS program with community members, plan activities for PALS to participate in together

Community and Alumni Partnerships Team

  • Alumni Connections - plan, promote, and implement programs and activites to connect Leadership Institute alumni with the current program and members
  • Community events - seek out and promote community events that the Leadership Institute members can participate in
  • Service - work with organizations to provide LI members as volunteers (i.e. Easter Seals Capper Foundation, Leadership Empowerment and Development Program (LEAD))

Leadership Challenge Event Team

  • Communications - Media and public relations, marketing, website development
  • Simulation - simulation planning and managing the actually Challenge Event, content development
  • Hospitality - food planning and set up for the Challenge Event days
  • Outreach - finding community members interested in participating and reaching out to sponsors in the community
  • Volunteer Outreach - recruiting and traning volunteers

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