Community Partnerships

Kids Voting Kansas


  • Angel Romero - partnered with Kids Voting Kansas to help shape the program to be a more meaningful and practical tool for students to use in furthering their citizenship education. Romero initiated the planning process for six regional one-day citizenship academies for Kansas youth called "Citizen Now!". The focus of each academy is to bring students together so that they have a chance to meet other students participating in the program, capture their contact information in order to keep them engaged after the event, and get them exposed to the real life players in the political system. Angel's role within Kids Voting Kansas was to oversee the coordination, development, and implementation of the six Citizen Now! academies across the state beginning with two or three. Angel's goal was "to engage students in a way they've never been engaged before about the ideas of what it means to vote, to participate in government, and to become engaged in our democratic process."


  • Keenan Hogan - project continued to organize and grow the Kids Voting Kansas program.