Community Partnerships

Bonner Leaders

During the Fall semester of 2009, Senior Jake Thomas partnered with the Bonner Leader program on Washburn University's campus. Jake's project objectives were split into four different areas of support for the Bonner Leader program: administrative support, reflection group support, mentor support, and organization and event planning support. Jake aimed to help to "do the little things so that my bosses and students that I am serving can do the big things." Jake led and facilitated monthly WTE reflection meetings where he gathered with students and discussed the impact of their service. Jake also networked with Bonner members in hopes of establishing community service goals and expectations as well as feedback for how the volunteers were doing.

The Center for Community Service and Civic Engagement is the sponsor of the LinC Scholar/Bonner Leader Program at Washburn University. The Bonner program engages students in service and civic work to strengthen their communities, build relationships with community partners and develop a broader campus infrastructure for community service. For more information about the Bonner Leader program at Washburn, please visit their website: