Community Partnerships

E2 Communications


  • Grace Hildenbrand, Aaron Moses, Bobby Chipman, Blake Bryant – project developed the 20 Under 40 portion of the Winter Issue of TK - Topeka's Business Magazine for publication and distribution on November 15, 2011. This included developing the article, interviewing the awardees, working with professional photographer on the photo shoot, designing the plan for the layout in the magazine, planning the Winter Launch Party, working with the 20 Under 40 event to ensure distribution of the magazine at the event, distributing the magazine to the business community, and being innovative with the project


  • Brooke Rollison, Adam Valach, Chante Mitchell, Briana Ament, Carly Boswell – project worked with the MVP staff to finalize the design and purpose of the MVP Junior Board. This included documentation of the structure of the new board and board members' roles and responsibilities, development of the application/selection criteria, possible management of the selection process, and organization and implementation of the board meeting process.