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Students completing their WTE at ILA

WTE Requirements

General WTE Requirements

Students opting to complete a WTE need to declare their chosen WTE by the time they have completed 60 hours. Students who transfer to Washburn with 40 or more hours are required to declare their chosen WTE by the end of their second semester at Washburn.

There are specific requirements for each of the four WTEs, but the following are common to all four:

  • Every student will work under the supervision of a mentor. One aspect of this mentorship will be to assist the student to understand how the WTE fits into the student's overall educational goals. Upon consultation with his or her mentor, the student will submit a written proposal for the transformational experience to the mentor for approval before the work or activities are begun.
  • An essential component of every transformational experience is a report presented in a manner, and to an audience, appropriate to the project. The report will address the significance of the project, the impact the experience had on the student, and the extent to which the project has fit into the student's overall educational goals.  One option for public presentation is the Day of Transformation, held on campus once per semester.  If you would like to register to present your WTE at the Day of Transformation, please fill out the presentation registration form.
  • In addition to the four possibilities, students may work with mentors to propose activities they believe will satisfy one of the four WTEs. A committee of faculty will review such proposals to determine whether they will satisfy the WTE graduation requirement. In such cases, individual academic units (schools or the College) may establish their own review committees that would make a recommendation on the proposal and forward it to the appropriate university-wide WTE committee.

Requirements of the Leadership WTE

Students electing the Leadership Transformational Experience will:

  • complete with a grade of "C" or better at least 3 semester hours of college coursework consisting of an academic study of leadership (e.g. LE 100, NU 479 or any other course, provided that the unit offering the course endorses it as an academic study of leadership); and
  • serve in one or more functional leadership roles for a minimum of 150 hours.

Students will work with a mentor and Leadership WTE Committee to include in their functional leadership roles a specific focus on 1) how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their own leadership skills and 2) how a leader becomes an effective change agent. Students will complete their experience by providing both written and oral reports that address what they learned about themselves and their own leadership skills, and how this learning has impacted their view of leaders and leadership.

Students who earn a Leadership Studies Certificate in the Leadership Institute will have satisfied the Washburn Transformational Experience graduation requirement.