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Leadership in a Historical/Political Context Track

Leadership in a Historical/Political Context is one of four thematic tracks in the Leadership Studies minor program. If students choose to pursue this track, they must complete two of the following courses, one of which must be upper division (300 or 400 level). The elective courses chosen cannot be counted toward major requirements. For more information, check out Guidelines for the Minor.

*CN 309 Political Communication
*HI 380 Women in World History
HS 445 Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues in Human Services
MS 110 Fundamentals of Military Leadership
PO 106 The Government of the United States
PO 107 Kansas and the U.S. State and Local Government
PO 235 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO 245 Introduction to Public Administration
PO 321 The Presidency
*PO 337 Religions and Politics
*PO 338 Contemporary American Politics 

*Denotes courses that require completion of prerequisite course(s) prior to enrollment