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Meet Daphne Phillips, May 2012 Student of the Month

May 2012 Student of the MonthThe Washburn University Leadership Institute recognizes Daphne Nicole Phillips as the Student of the Month for May 2012. Daphne, a senior here at Washburn University, is a Mass Media major with an emphasis in Public Relations. Daphne, who has been a member of the Institute since high school, recalls how she first connected with the Leadership Institute.

“I have (technically) been part of the Leadership Institute since I was a freshman in high school. I came up to Washburn for their annual RYLA (Rotary Youth Leader Academy) and from there I was hooked. I became a co-counselor and then a counselor, by my senior year of high school I had to decide where I was going to go.”

After spending some time at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Daphne found her way back to Washburn University and the Leadership Institute.

“I decided on the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and that’s where I stayed for my freshman year until I came back to Kansas to attend Washburn. The first thing I did when I got here was to find the Leadership Institute and I did. The rest is history.”

Daphne decided to join the Leadership Institute based off of her love for leading and following, and the opportunity for self-improvement one can gain from becoming involved the Leadership Institute.

I love leading, following and how to better myself. Lucky for me there was a place on campus that supported that.”

Daphne also loves the family, memories, and people within the Leadership Institute.

“I love the families you create, as well as the crazy memories. The people and the amazing experiences are really what drive this organization and I wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for all of them.”

Within the Leadership Institute Daphne has helped out with the Homecoming tailgate, PALS in the Community, PALS at Washburn, NSO’s, Hutchinson Lab, Downtown lab, Leadership Challenge Event and the Leadership Exchange. Daphne has also served as the Student Director of Community/Alumni Partnerships for the past 2.5 years.

Outside of the Leadership Institute Daphne works for the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and the Student Activities & Greek Life office. Daphne has also served as the Communications Director for the Mortar Board. As Daphne comically says about her involvement within Washburn University, “I do a whole lot around campus”.

In December of 2012, Daphne Phillips will be graduating from Washburn University. From her membership and experience with the Leadership Institute Daphne has learned that she will always have a family to look to for support and guidance.

“I have learned that no matter what I decide to do with my life there will always be people there to support and guide me. I have a family that will tell me when I need to ask for help or when I am just plain out of control.”

Daphne also states that she is truly going to miss all the friends, family, and experiences she has made while being a member of the Leadership Institute.

“I am going to miss the family and friends I have made, the experiences I have gained and the opportunities that lay in front of me.”

Although she may be graduating, Daphne would like the Leadership Institute family to know that she plans to continue her involvement within the Institute and that she will always be for them.

“I will always be here for the Leadership Institute, whether it be at events or recruiting more alums to get involved. I technically will never leave”.