About Us

Recruitment and Transition Team

The Recruitment and Transition Team works to strengthen students' individual skills by motivating and creating excitement about leadership among peers, creating an atmosphere of driven student leaders, and being a role model and good representative of the Leadership Institute by being friendly, dedicated, and compassionate.

  • Scholarship Interview Day - plan, organize, and implement the LI Scholarship Interview Day for incoming students
  • Scholarship Outreach - design and distribute materials related to LI scholarships and recruitment of scholarship candidates
  • Fall and Spring Orientation - plan and implement the Fall and Spring Orientation for the Leadership Institute Students
  • Tabling at Junior and Senior Days, Transfer Day, and New Student Orientation

2013-2014 Recruitment and Transition Team

Student Director - Mary Ralston
Tabling Team Leader - Mary Ralston
Scholarship Interview Day Team Leader - Damian Barron
Orientation Team Leader - Mia Capuano