Awards and Achievements

SOAR Awards 2015

Dani Bradrick with Outstanding Student Organization of Year  - SLC

Marissa Dake with Random Acts of Kindness Award

Leanna Willer ties school volleyball record

2014 ILA Champions

End of Year Winners 2014

Kristen Onions won the President's Outstanding Leader Award

A group of WULI Students at the SOAR Awards

Tionna and Marissa at the SOAR Awards

WULI Students with their SOAR Awards

Awards and Achievements

The following are awards and achievements of Leadership Institute students:


Congratulations to the following Leadership Institute members who particapated in the Colorado College Debate Tournament:

  • Ryan kelly - Champion and 2nd place speaker
  • Bailey Hockett - Quarterfinalist
  • Brooke Manny - Octafinalist
  • Grant Waters - Semifinalist and 7th place speaker


Congratulations to Marissa Drake for getting second place in the Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest.


Congratulations to Leanna Willer for winning Hy-Vee Washburn Athlete of the Week.


Congratulations to the following Leadership Institute member who participated in the California Berkeley Debate Tournament:

  • Ryan Kelly - Champion & second best individual speaker
  • Grant Waters - Octafinalist
  • Victoria Toothhaker - Participant
  • Brooke Manney - Participant
  • Bailey Hockett - Participant

Fall 2016

Congratulations to Sarah Edelman and Ryan Kelly for being nominated as Homecoming Canadites.


Congratulations to Lauren and Sarah Edelman for recieving the Family of the Year award.


Congratulations to the following Leadership Institute members who participated in the Georgia B. Bowman Debate Invitational:

  • Troy Carlson - Semifinalist
  • Grant Waters - Octafinalist and 10th place speaker
  • Brooke Manney - Octafinalist and 4th place speaker
  • Ryan Kelly - Semifinalist and individual speaking champion


Congratulations to Alumni Tia Stovall for accepting the position of the Assistant Coach to the Soccer team.


Congratulations to Dr. Michael Gleason for being selected as the Ledership Insitute Facutly Speaker at the 2016 Convocation.

Congratulations to Grant Waters for being selected as the Honors Program President.

Fall 2016

Congratulations to the 23 Leadership Institute members who recieved a scholarship for the Washburn School of Business.

Fall 2016

Congratulations to Alumni  Dalton Hiegert, Chelsea Jenks, Robert Chimpman on scoring in the Top 25% of the Major Field Test.

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