Photo Essay 2014

Megan Barnes

Megan Barnes


Wonders of Peru

Peru. A place of beauty in more than just the breathtaking scenery and the rich heritage, but of beauty in culture as well. As the Washburn University travelers wander down the worn paths broken in by many moons of swift pairs of feet, they can’t help but think of the balance between man and nature that lies here. In one week alone the travelers have seen rainforests that harbor life in a delicate balance of death and beauty, architectural dreams that conquer what man once deemed inconceivable, and people, glorious people. To the outsider these things seem unprecedented and fantastic, things only seen in books and documentaries. Once reality set in, the travelers begin to realize that these places and people have intertwined with their lives thus giving rise to the full appreciation of the wonders of Peru. Each traveler built their own experiences in the whirlwind of constant change within the trip but all share a common understanding that they have had the privilege to enter a world flush with new possibilities. Traveling through extreme conditions brought about a solidarity amongst the travelers and their fellows from native Peru in a land that seemed ancient in the earth yet young in the world. Each traveler gathered a memory, a feeling, a relationship, a learning opportunity, and much more as they pushed forward in their endeavors to explore and grow. Peru offered not only beautiful scenery, delicious food and exposure to the traditions of other cultures, but a sense of understanding as well. The discovery of one’s self in this land calls forth a realization that in the end we are as the earth, and experiences in life, have made us. As the travelers hiked, danced, drove, flew, floated, climbed, and walked across the terrain of Peru they added a new chapter to their lives. This chapter of Peru is ultimately the true wonder in the love of living.


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