International Summer Institute

Academic Courses

The exact General Education Class options will depend on the course offerings during the Late Session for Summer 2016, but will likely include Cultural Anthropology (AN 112), Public Speaking (CN 150), and/or Lifetime Wellness (KN 198), but these course are offered only to eligible students who pass the English requirement.

  • Cultural Anthropology is a nontechnical survey of the diversity of human culture, including: techno environmental adaptation, social and political organization, belief systems and aesthetics.
  • Evolution is designed for non-science majors who want a basic explanation of evolution, how it works & its impact on scientific thinking & society. The course will include discussion of simple genetics, origins of life, geologic eras & scientific creationism.
  • Freshman Composition will cover techniques and processes of composing and revising as well as attention to relating reading and writing.
  • Introduction to Economics will examine factors determining the general levels of employment and inflation as well as an analysis of markets, prices and production. Current economic problems are used to illustrate these concepts.
  • Physical Geology will place a special emphasis on the observation of the phenomena of erosion, mountain formation, and stream and glacial action. Lecture-recitation and some field trips.
  • Public Speaking focuses on processes of speech preparation & presentations. Emphasizes the development of critical thinking & listening, clear speaking, & the interpretation of human values through the development of public speaking competencies.