Intensive English (IE)


Three levels in each of the three areas are available in spring and fall semester: Speaking and Understanding, Reading Comprehension, and Academic Writing. There is also an additional level course offered for graduate students.

Language in Context, a complimentary seminar, is required of all first time degree-seeking Intensive English students.

All classes follow the University schedule and meet five hours per week in class each semester (16 weeks). Students can utilize the Writing Center and the English as a Second Language (ESL) service, which may be one-on-one instruction provided by or associated with the University free of charge to the students. A full-time student typically takes three courses and receives 16-18 hours of instruction for 12 hours of credit. In addition, students have full access to other University services and facilities, such as the health center, computer labs, libraries, and athletic events/facilities, free of charge.

The 200-level courses  (IE 202, IE 203, and IE 204) are recognized as general electives for non-native English speaking students and are applicable toward the undergraduate degree programs at Washburn.

IE 091 / 092 Language in Context Seminar (0-2 hrs)
This course gives international students unique opportunities to experience language in local cultural contexts and challenge their application of the English language.  Students will go on field trips and hear guest speakers from diverse backgrounds on relevant topics to the international student.  Students will be required to complete a project and write a journal with reflections on their experiences.  IE091 is offered in the fall and IE092 is offered in the spring.  These courses meet for two hours per week but do not count toward 124 hours baccalaureate degree requirement.  Full time Intensive English students are required to enroll in this course.  No prerequisite.

Reading Comprehension
IE 072 Reading Comprehension for Academic Purposes I (4 hrs)
IE 102 Reading Comprehension for Academic Purposes II (4 hrs)
These courses develop nonnative English speakers' vocabulary and reading skills for personal and academic communication using materials with diverse topics.

IE 202 Reading Comprehension for Academic Purposes III (4 hrs)
By reading books, articles and sample academic texts, nonnative English speakers in this course study and practice effective reading and investigating strategies to discover the ways ideas are expressed and put into writing. Besides building academic vocabulary,the goals are increased reading fluency, speed and understanding.

Speaking and Understanding
IE 073 Speaking and Understanding for Academic Purposes I (4 hrs)
IE 103 Speaking and Understanding for Academic Purposes II (4 hrs)
Nonnative English speaking students practice to improve their oral and aural skills. They prepare to participate in everyday social conversations, classroom interactions, listening effectively to lectures and being involved in basic discussions. Students are expected to prepare and give short speeches and will be tested weekly on a list of idiomatic expressions.

IE 203 Speaking and Understanding for Academic Purposes III (4 hrs)
This course focuses specifically on the skills needed for presentations, the basic organization of American communication, and idiomatic expressions that prepare the student for the American academic and professional environment.

Academic Writing
IE 074 Writing for Academic Purposes I (4 hrs)
IE 104 Writing for Academic Purposes II (4 hrs )
These courses for nonnative English speakers focus on foundational writing skills from sentence structure to well-organized paragraphs of various kinds. Besides analyzing audience and purpose, basic citation and research skills are covered.

IE 204 Writing for Academic Purposes III (4 hrs)
Expressing ideas in writing for the American academic and business reader is the goal in these courses for nonnative English speakers. Students will learn the conventions of expository paragraphs, essays and investigative reports. Summary, analysis, citation and research skill practice are included.

IE 295 Special Topics: Enhancing Skills for Graduate Studies (3 hrs)
Required course for all prospective graduate students.