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International House

ICT members providing a meal for international students.

ICT members providing a meal for international students.

International Center of Topeka


ICT Contributing to Washburn & Topeka

Since the early 1970's the International Center of Topeka, Inc. (ICT, Inc.), a group of university and community volunteers, has been dedicated to assisting WU international students in their academic, social, and cultural well being through a number of  scholarships, services and programs.  Learn more about ICT and join as a member.

Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance

ICT has endowed the following scholarships through the Washburn Foundation, contributing around $15,000 annually to support international students and study abroad programs.

  • ICT - William O. Wagnon Scholarship 
  • ICT - William Langdon Scholarship
  • ICT - Betty Jo "Bo" Sheafor Scholarship
  • ICT - Bazaar Study Abroad Scholarship (through the International Bazaar sales 1974-2004)
  • Awards $1,000 annually to support two international students in most need.
  • Contributed $3,000 to support WU’s Orchestra's trip to Central America in 2006 & the Model UN trip to China in 2005
  • Contributed $5,000 in the renovation of the International House in 2003
  • Contributed $4,000 to update the electronics and equipment in the International House in 2010.

Cultural Events

ICT has organized cultural events to raise cultural awareness in the community and on campus such as the following programs:

  • Colombian Night (2008)
  • Meet the Middle East (2009)
  • Getting to Know Korea (2010)
  • Celebration of Kenya (2011)
  • Japan, the Cherry Blossom Land (2012)
  • Trip to China (2006)
  • Rural America Tour (2012)

Board Members:

Don Anderson - President

Andy Vogel - Secretary

Frank Taff - Treasurer

Al Goodpasture - Auditor

Baili Zhang - Executive Secretary

David Behzadpour

Fatma Bulbul

John Christensen

Patricia Dahl

Judy Diffley

Anita Epps

Stella Evertson

Shahin Ighani

Norma Juma

Rachel O'Sullivan

Sangyoub Park

Bassima Schbley

Azyz Sharafy