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International House

ICT members providing a meal for international students.

ICT members providing a meal for international students.

International Center of Topeka

ICT Contributing to Washburn & Topeka

Since the early 1970's the International Center of Topeka, Inc. (ICT, Inc.), a group of university and community volunteers, has been dedicated to assisting WU international students in their academic, social, and cultural well being through a number of  scholarships, services and programs.  Learn more about ICT and join as a member.

Cultural Events

ICT has organized cultural events to raise cultural awareness in the community and on campus such as the following programs:

  • Getting to Know Korea 2 (2018)
  • Middle East Cultures (2017)
  • Naturalistic Nepal (2016)
  • Sensational Scotland (2015)
  • Incredible India (2014)
  • Celebrating the Cultures of Paraguay (2013)
  • Japan, the Cherry Blossom Land (2012)
  • Celebration of Kenya (2011)
  • Getting to Know Korea (2010)
  • Meet the Middle East (2009)
  • Colombian Night (2008)

Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance

ICT has endowed the following scholarships through the Washburn Foundation, contributing around $15,000 annually to support international students and study abroad programs.

  • ICT - William O. Wagnon Scholarship
  • ICT - Betty Jo "Bo" Sheafor Scholarship
  • ICT - Bazaar Study Abroad Scholarship (through the International Bazaar sales 1974-2004)
  • Awards $1,000 annually to support two international students in most need.
  • Contributed $3,000 to support WU’s Orchestra's trip to Central America in 2006 & the Model UN trip to China in 2005
  • Contributed $5,000 in the renovation of the International House in 2003
  • Contributed $4,000 to update the electronics and equipment in the International House in 2010

Board Members:

Patricia Dahl - President

Judy Diffley - Vice President

Andy Vogel - Secretary

Frank Taff - Treasurer

Baili Zhang - Executive Secretary

Fatma Bulbul Epps - Membership Chair

Anita Epps - Nomination Chair & English Language Tutor

Rachel O'Sullivan - English Language Tutor

Bassima Schbley - Past President

Don Anderson - Past President

David Behzadpour

John Christensen

Norma Juma

Sangyoub Park

Azyz Sharafy

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Middle East Cultures 2017.

Bagpiper from Sensational Scotland 2015.

Incredible India 2014.