Honors Program

Honors Advisory Board Members

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

Name Department


or Role(s)


Jennifer Ball School of Business (and Faculty Senate Rep.) Curriculum... 2013-2015
Emily Engler Honors Student Council, President N/A
Michael Gleason Leadership Institute Scholarship... N/A
Jennifer Jenkins Academic Success Scholarship...


Andrew Herbig Natural Science & Mathematics Curriculum... 2014-2016
Whitney Earnest Honors Student Council, Vice President N/A
Martha Imparato Mabee Library Scholarship... N/A
Debbie Isaacson School of Nursing Curriculum... 2014-2016
Michael McGuire University Honors Dean (Chair) N/A
Eric McHenry Humanities Curriculum... 2013-2015
Denise Ottinger Student Life Scholarship... N/A
Brad Turnbull Residential Living Scholarship... N/A
Kelly Erby Social Sciences Curriculum...


John Burns Education/Kinesiology Curriculum... 2013-2015
Tom Stuart Financial Aid Scholarship... N/A
Jean Sanchez School of Applied Studies Curriculum... 2014-2016
Abby Thill Admissions Scholarship... N/A
Michael Hager Creative & Performing Arts Curriculum... 2014-2016
Cassandra White - Pending WSGA - Student Representative N/A
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