Professional Development

Substance Use and Victimization

Research shows that the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs is related to victimization in terms of offender behavior, risk of victimization, and coping response to victimization. However, responses from both the substance abuse treatment field and victim services have been inadequate. Differences in philosophy, organizational policies, and professional training and practices have contributed to a lack of mutual understanding regarding the unique challenges of individuals served, the system of care in which substance abuse treatment and victim services are provided, and the potential for collaborative efforts. This relationship is explored in the comprehensive program for the various professionals who work with those who both use substances and are victims of crime.

This program enables participants to access state-of-the-art information regarding key victims' issues and the primary dynamics of substance abuse. Participants will gain knowledge on cutting-edge substance abuse research and treatment, particularly in terms of pre and post-victimization. In addition, the program will facilitate exploration, development, and maintenances of collaborative efforts in the participant's communities concerning assessment, referral, treatment, and prevention.

Professional Development Hours: 12