Executive Committee

Sharon D'Eusanio

Sharon D'Eusanio has been employed by the Office of the Florida Attorney General since 1995 and currently serves as a Victim Assistance Administrator in the Division of Civil Rights. In May of 1980, Sharon was the victim of a violent crime, which took her eyesight and nearly her life. As a result, her career, marriage and family were all dramatically transformed. In April of 1981 she began speaking on personal experiences and developed a new found speaking career. She is an author and nationally recognized consultant, speaker and trainer who has provided countless presentations, keynote, luncheon and banquet talks, on the diverse topic of crime victim assistance and disability related topics for conferences, conventions, summits and other various events. Her powerful presentations, wisdom and insightful humor offer a message of hope, motivation, perseverance and empowerment. Sharon provides a unique perspective on life-changing events which impact our families, children, schools, businesses, communities and society as a whole.

Ms. D'Eusanio has appeared on radio and television programs including ABC's 20/20, Phil Donahue, Larry King, and Oprah as well as on various BBC radio programs and television shows in Great Britain. Her incredible story of self-determination was published in 1987 in her autobiography, FEEL THE LAUGHTER and her inspirational story has been featured in local, national and international newspapers and magazines. Sharon is a primary instructor for the Office of the Attorney General, Crime Victim Services Practitioner Designation Training on the topics of Elder Crime Victims, Crime Victims with Disabilities, and Global Victim Issues including Human Trafficking. She serves as a consultant and provides technical assistance for the Office for Victims of Crime, the Office on Violence Against Women, and serves on several boards, steering committees, focus groups, advisory committees and councils for various local, state and national agencies and organizations.

For her victim activism and community service, Sharon has received various local, state and national awards and recognitions which include, The Victim Service Aware presented in 1985 by President Ronald Reagan and was named one of the "Community Heros" and carried the Olympic Torch through her community in the 1996 Olympic Torch relay.