professional development

Foundations in Victim Services

The Foundations in Victim Services program provides exposure to a broad spectrum of topics necessary to form the core of basic education in victim’s rights and services. Embracing the academic foundations for the field as well as the need for direct application, this professional development program requires demonstration of knowledge and performance for the professional certificate issued by the JCVVS. The program is influenced, in part, on the National Victim Assistance Academy (NVAA) of which the universities associated with the JCVVS were instrumental in its development and implementation, as well as the university academic courses in victimology and victim services. This intensive, five-day educational program covers an array of specific topics within the following general areas: 

  • Foundations in Victimology and Victims' Rights
  • Overview of Justice Systems and Emerging Issues
  • Physiological and Psychological Impact of Crime
  • The Prism of Victimization: Age, Culture, Ability, Location
  • Types of Crime Victimization
  • Financial Remedies:  Compensation, Restitution and Civil Remedies
  • Collaboration and Professionalization

The program is applicable to the variety of practitioners who in some way are concerned with issues of violence and victimization services, such as community-based victim services, government-based victim services, law enforcement, corrections, judiciary, mental health, clergy, health care, and so on.  As a foundation level program, the program may best address the needs of the practitioner with limited experience (five years or less). However, due to the breadth of the program, even seasoned professionals may benefit from exposure to the array of topic areas.