professional development

Contract Fee

The JCVVS makes every effort to keep program costs low and offers a base price to cover certain fixed costs plus a variable rate based on the number of attendees. The base price is $9,350 for up to 15 participants plus $150 per each participant thereafter. Thus, the fee for 25 participants is $10,700; the fee for 45 participants is $13,700. Obviously the greater the number of attendees the lower the per person cost since the assessed fee after the base fee is covered is nominal. The cost of the program includes instruction, materials, professional certificate, and support. Most often the JCVVS simply bills for services upon the completion of the program, though some organizations prefer to split the payments with a partial payment in advance.

Travel and accommodations for the instructors are not included. There a minimum of three instructors with additional instructors for groups with more than forty-five participants. Travel includes air flights, mileage, car rental, taxi, or other forms of transportation. All meals will be reimbursed either through per diem or by direct reimbursement. Typically these expenses are simply added to the contract bill.