Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance

Professional Certificate

This high level learning program also features an optional Professional Certificate in Victim Assistance: Critical Analysis issued by the JCVVS. As a university-based organization, a professional certificate issued by the JCVVS offers a means of recognition which lends legitimacy to the field that continues to emerge as a profession. The certificate aspect of the program extends the learning event to a period of about four to five months through the use of an online learning management system. The focus of this phase is continued effort on the action plan with regular collegial interaction with program faculty and other participants for continued support for action plan implementation. In addition to these discussions and support, participants submit a status report two months post program with the final product of a professional quality analysis paper that fully describes the problem, the process for action plan implementation, and results. The analysis paper allows participants to demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained from attending the program as well as to contribute knowledge to the field. To this end, participants are also expected to formally present their topic to a group of colleagues. A practice that has proven to be very rewarding to those who have completed the professional certificate is for the presentations to be conducted at an event sponsored, in whole or in part, by the contracting organization where a representative from the JCVVS can be present and award the professional certificate.