academic outreach

Contracts and Discounts

Contract Services

Professional development courses and/or consultation can be offered to organizations on contract. Academic outreach conducts an initial consultation to help identify appropriate educational/consultation services then submits a proposal for services. The primary benefits of contract courses include:

  • Customization Established courses can be tailored or new courses can be developed to address the unique needs of  the organization.
  • Consistency The same educational experience among employees lends to greater productivity in the work place.
  • Convenience Programs can be conducted at a time and locations convenient to the organization, from and organization's office, to local conference facilities, to the Washburn campus.
  • Cost Courses are much more economical when a group of employees need the same professional development program.

 Course Discounts

Discounts are given for multiple registrations made concurrently:

  • 10% discount for 3-5: $779
  • 15% discount for 6-7: $735
  • 20% discount for 8-12: $692

For more information about discounts for a particular course, please call (785) 670-1399 or e-mail