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Project Management Essentials

While it may not be in the title or even the job description, most professionals manage temporary initiatives – projects - intended to achieve a desired product or service. Unlike the management of routine operations or programs, projects are narrow in scope and often require collaborations with individuals or organizational units who may not typically work together.   As such, effective project management requires unique knowledge and competencies.

The Project Management Essentials course provides an introduction to the key elements that leaders or team members working on projects must know to be successful.  The course also introduces the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) terms and processes.  A simulation case study is used throughout the course to gain experience using key tools and processes.

Program Information

Costs and Discounts

The standard cost of the course is $645 per person.  See Payments, Refunds, and Fees for additional information about payment types, refunds, cancellations, and fees.

Discounts are givien for multiple registrations made concurrently:

  • 10% discount for 3-5: $580.50
  • 15% discount for 6-8: $548.25
  • 20% discount for 9-11: $516.00
  • 25% discount for 12 or more: $483.75

Contract Programs

The per person fee for the course offered on contract is $483.75 per person (25% discount). Contract courses require a minimum of 12 participants with a maximum of 30. The contract fee does not include travel and accommodations

Non-Profit and Small Business Scholarship

Recognizing that there are many small organizations that can benefit from the portfolio of programs offered by the Center but may not have sufficient financial resources, Washburn and Go Topeka have partnered to offer financial assistance to non-profits (501c3 or 501c6) and small businesses who have participated in the Entrepreneurial and Minority Business Development (EMBD) program. The support is intended for organizations of approximately twenty (20) employees or less.


The financial assistance is a shared cost between the applicant, Go Topeka, and Washburn University with each entity contributing a third of the regular course fee. For the Project Management course, the cost to approved applicants is $215 (the remainder of the fee is shared by Washburn and Go Topeka).

Application Process

Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance. The review committee will notify the applicant within two weeks if the scholarship is approved, at which time the applicant has two weeks to register and pay for their portion of the course, otherwise the scholarship is forfeited. In addition, scholarship recipients commit to meeting other program requirements, including full attendance and assignments.

Restrictions and Limitations

The scholarship award may not be combined with any other discounts. Awards are granted on an as space available basis. Washburn reserves the right to limit the number of scholarship awards per class. The maximum amount of scholarship that may be awarded is $2,270 per individual or $5000 per organization, regardless of the number of participants from that organization.

Apply for a scholarship

Course Format and Materials

Course Format

Course Materials

The following materials are provided:

  • Project Management Essentials workbook (2013) Washburn University and Crimson Corporation
  • Handouts

**PowerPoint slides used in the program are not provided.**

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the 4 phases of the GEAR© method of Project Management
  • Demonstrate in class the essentials of project management for application in the workplace
  • Appreciate that leading, coaching, and support of others is the key to successful project management
  • Be able to successfully launch and manage a project


“(Project management) merits focused training for any business or organization.”
Jason Lang
CJ Foods

“(The) real life examples are great and help relate to … learning.”
Marta Haut
Washburn University

“Doug is very passionate about project management and his real world experience shows in the class.”
Justin Petry
CJ Foods

“Very helpful introduction to help formalize and organize management.”
Becky Blick
USD 437