Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Statistics Courses


The prerequisite statistics course may be completed at Washburn University or any other accredited college or university.  To be acceptable, the course must cover both descriptive and beginning inferential statistical methods.  Courses from other academic institutions should be evaluated by the advisor to determine their acceptability.

Washburn University 

PY 510 GA Intermediate Statistics
3 hr
This course is designed for students to learn basic experimental design, data analyses, and interpretation of data analyses.  Students are introduced to computing statistical analyses using SPSS and interpreting output generated by SPSS.

Emporia State University 

PY 520 Statistics I
3 hr
This course is designed to provide the opportunity to learn basic definitions, concepts, and applications of statistics as a scientific tool in psychology.  Students will become familiar with terminology, statistical formulas and data interpretation.

University of Kansas  

PRE 710 & 711 Introduction to Statistical Analysis
Statistical Analysis Lab
3 hr (KU campus)
1 hr
PRE 710 - Emphasis on the conceptual underpinnings of statistical analysis of educational data.  Includes univariate and bivariate descriptive statistics, sampling distribution, statistical estimation, hypothesis testing and procedures in testing statistics hypotheses for one and two sample designs.
PRE 711 – Creation and manipulation of data sets.  Analysis of data with statistical packages, with an emphasis on descriptive statistics, graphical procedures and univariate parametric methods.

Kansas State University 

Stat 701 Fundamental Methods of Biostatistics 3 hr
A course emphasizing concepts and practice of statistical data analysis for the health sciences. Basic techniques of descriptive and inferential statistical methods applied to health related surveys and designed experiments. Use of statistical software to facilitate the collection, manipulation, analysis and interpretation of health related data.
Stat 703 Statistical Methods for Natural Scientists 3 hr
Statistical concepts and methods basic to experimental research in the natural sciences; hypothetical populations; estimation of parameters; confidence intervals; parametric and nonparametric tests of hypotheses; linear regression; correlation; one-way analysis of variance; t-test; chi-square test.

KU Medical Center

BMTR 811 Principles of Statistical Inference 3 hr
A graduate level introductory course in biostatistics.  Measures of central tendency and dispersion; probability distributions; binomial, poisson, normal, Confidence intervals and testing of one and two sample hypotheses.  Nonparametric methods, correlation, regression, categorical data analysis and analysis of variance.

Fort Hays State University 

NURS 808 Statistics for Health Professionals 3 hr
This course addresses collecting, classifying, analyzing, utilizing and making inferences about statistical data applications regarding healthcare phenomenon.  The student will be able to compare and contrast appropriate descriptive statistics for specific healthcare data, select appropriate statistical tests for data and or research questions, and utilize appropriate statistical software to input and analyze healthcare data.