Pre-MBA Curriculum

Pre-MBA Curriculum

Lower division:
Accounting 224 Financial Accounting
Accounting 225 Managerial Accounting
Business 250 Management Information Systems
Economics 200 Principles of Microeconomics
Economics 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
Economics 211 Statistics for Business & Economics

Upper division:
Business 342 Organization and Management
Business 347 Production & Operations Management
Business 360 Principles of Marketing
Business 381 Business Finance

Non-business prerequisites needed:
Mathematics 140 Statistics – prerequisite for Economics 211
Mathematics 141 Applied Calculus – prerequisite for Business 347 and Business 381
BU 342 requires two out of three of the following:
AN 112, PY 100, and SO 100

General education credits
Of the 42 credit hours, 18 hours will count for general education credit as follows:

Social Science general education credits (12 hours):
Two out of three of the following: AN 112, PY 100, SO 100

Natural Science and Mathematics general education credit (6 hours)
MA140 and MA141

Upper division credit
In addition, the curriculum requires 12 hours of upper division credit.