Psychology (BA)

Requirements for B.A. degree in Psychology

Click here to download the Student Advising Sheet which contains General Education graduation requirements as well as requirements for the major.

The requirements for a major in Psychology are designed to meet educational goals of two distinct student populations. First, Psychology is a profession which usually requires an advanced degree for employment as a psychologist. Consequently, the major is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge, skills, and experience appropriate for those students who plan to attend graduate school in Psychology. Second, most students who choose a major in psychology do so because they are very interested in the subject and want more than just a casual understanding of Psychology. Therefore, the major is also designed to provide basic knowledge and skills which would be useful to students who plan to complete a BA degree and then pursue a career in a field other than Psychology.

Students must complete a minimum of 34 graded hours of credit in Psychology earning a grade of C or better. At least 15 of the required 34 hours must be upper-division courses, and at least 9 hours (including 6 upper division hours) must be taken at Washburn. The table below shows required courses with prerequisites, and/or choices of courses which meet specific requirements.


Course (credit hours)


The Foundation

PY 100 Basic Concepts in Psychology (3)


PY 151 Psychological Statistics (3)

PY 100 with grade of "C" or better, or concurrent enrollment, and MA104

One (1) of the following courses:

______ Psychological Development Through the Life-Span (PY209)

______ Psychology of Infancy and Childhood (PY210)

______ Adolescent Psychology (PY211)

______ Psychology of Adulthood and Aging (PY212)

PY 100

PY 231 Abnormal Psychology (3)

PY 100

PY 251 Research Methods (3)

PY 100

PY 299 Psychological Forum (1)

PY 100 and Sophomore Psychology Major (Pass/Fail Only)

The Pillars

(Must complete one (1) course from each Pillar)

Pillar 1

PY 301 Principles of Learning (3)

PY 100

PY 306 Cognition (3)

PY 100

Pillar 2

PY 305 Sensation and Perception (3)

PY 100

PY 307 Physiological Psychology (3)

PY 100

Pillar 3

PY 309 Theories of Personality (3)

PY 100

PY 310 Social Psychology (3)

PY 100

Upper Division Electives

Complete any two (2) Upper Division coures in addition to the three pillar courses (above).

______ upper-division elective course (PY3XX)

______ upper-division elective course (PY3XX)

NOTE:  Upper division elective courses can be pillar or non-pillar courses.  Capstone courses can NOT be used to fulfill this requirement.

Prerequisites vary with course.  Please see Course Catalog for the prerequisites for each 300-level course.

Senior Capstone Experience (Must earn at least three credit hours)

PY 336 Field/Volunteer Experience in Psychology (3)

One related advanced course and consent of instructor

PY 387 History and Systems of Psychology (3)

Psychology Senior or Consent

PY 389 Independent Study (1-3)

Consent of instructor

PY 390 Directed Research (1-3)

PY 252 and consent of instructor


Students desiring to enter graduate school are highly recommended to enroll in Advanced Research Design & Scientific Writing (PY252) after completing Research Methods (PY251).