Political Science (BA)

Political Science - 2013 and beyond

Political Science Major

A required curriculum of twenty-five (25 ) credit hours consisting of :

PO106 The Government of the United States
PO 107 Kansas and the U.S. State and Local Government
PO 225 Introduction to International Politics
PO 235 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO 308 Federalism and Public Policies
PO 325 Advanced International Politics
PO 335 Advanced Comparative Politics
PO 390 Applied Political Research
PO 450 Senior Seminar

A further nine (9) credit hours from the following upper division courses:

PO 371 Topics in American Politics and Government
PO 372 Topics in Comparative Politics
PO 373 Topics in International Relations
PO 374 Topics in Public Administration
PO 396 Topics in Applied Research
PO 397 Advanced Applied Research