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Why a College of Arts & Sciences Education?

Science Class

Maintaining high standards in nineteen departments and programs, the College of Arts & Sciences challenges students to develop critical thinking, aesthetic awareness, and discriminating judgment, as well as a sense of purpose and a zeal for continued independent and formal learning.

The College of Arts & Sciences promotes "learning for a lifetime" across a variety of disciplines. Although the content and focus of course work may vary across disciplines, several themes characterize all departments and programs within Arts & Sciences.

The faculty pays attention to students as individuals. 

Arts & Sciences students inherit values of the liberal arts.

Students learn information, but they also learn how to think, how to ask questions, and how to pursue and evaluate answers. The College helps students gain the skills necessary to meet future challenges.

  • Think critically
  • Recognize new trends
  • Find the key questions in new contexts
  • Recognize the consequences of new answers
  • Adapt to new situations