Master of Arts in Psychology

Application and Admission

Admission to the Graduate Program

The candidate must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, and a minimum of 15 hours of undergraduate psychology including a statistics course, an experimental laboratory course, and a course in Abnormal psychology, each with a minimum grade of "C". Outstanding candidates meeting the majority of these requirements are sometimes granted provisional admission to the program. Full admission is then contingent upon fulfilling remaining requirements during the first semester of study at Washburn.

All application materials including GRE scores should be received by the Psychology Department no later than March 15 to insure full consideration for Fall admission.

Special Student Admission

Students not currently meeting criteria for full admission are encouraged to seek special student status. The department accepts students as part-time, non-degree candidates, or students presently enrolled in other graduate programs who need graduate courses in Psychology. Several graduate courses are available to social workers, nurses, teachers and members of other professional groups eligible for continuing education credit. Students who wish to enroll with special student status need to acquire the short application form from the Psychology Department. Students may enroll for a total of only six credit hours as special students.

Application Forms

To apply to the Master of Arts program in Psychology, complete our online application

NOTE: Recommendation Form instructions are provided in the online application link (above), and are repeated below for your convenience.

Our recommendation form must be downloaded and emailed to the individuals you have asked to write letters of recommendation in support of your application. Please carefully read and follow the instructions.

Recommendation Form Instructions:

  1. Download the recommendation form.
  2. Applicant completes page 1 of the recommendation form.
  3. Modified form should be saved (complete with electronic "signature" in the waiver section).
  4. Applicant should then email the modified recommendation form to each of the three (3) individuals who will provide a recommendation.

***IMPORTANT: As stated on the recommendation form, EACH RECOMMENDER should email the completed form to Bonnie Paine ( Recommendations submitted by applicants will NOT be accepted.***

Recommendations should reach Washburn no later than March 15.

You may contact the department by email (, or write the department directly at:

Psychology Department
Washburn University
Topeka, Kansas 66621