CAS Course Evaluations

Student SIR-II Technical Help


My student can’t find the original SIR-II e-mail containing his/her password.

Have the student go to the SIR-II website ( and click Forgot Your Password? The student will be asked to enter their SIR-II login and e-mail address. For students, both of these are simply their Washburn e-mail address.

My student claims to have never received the SIR-II e-mail and password. When they try the Forgot Your Password link they still don’t receive the e-mail.

The most common cause of this is when the student exclusively checks either a personal e-mail or their D2L e-mail instead of their official e-mail account. The SIR-II e-mails are only sent to the latter. This most often occurs for students taking only online courses because they become accustomed to checking only their D2L e-mail.

The other potential cause of this is that the SIR-II e-mail is routed into the Clutter or Junk folders, although this is a fairly rare occurrence.

[ When my student logs in to complete his/her course evaluations, all of the classes appear except for mine.

This usually happens with a student who is enrolled in all School of Applied Studies courses, except for one or two CAS courses (especially EN300). In these cases the students often log in to SmartEvals (the system used by SAS) and expect to see their CAS course(s). In these cases students need to be aware that the CAS evals are found on the SIR-II website ( and not on MyWashburn/D2L.

My student accidentally clicked the wrong button and completed the survey for my class thinking it was for another instructor (or vice versa).

This happens rarely, but unfortunately once the survey is complete, individual survey responses can’t be decoupled from the report. The best thing to do is to notify me ( and we can make a note of the anomaly in the class report and remove any comments that are directed towards the wrong instructor.