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Faculty SIR-II Technical Help

The following are common questions or issues encountered by Washburn users of the SIR-II system.

Where is my password for SIR-II? I can’t find the original e-mail that conveyed it.

Your SIR-II password is sent to your e-mail address in an e-mail from The default password is a random string of characters, but after your first login you can change that to any password you desire (please see below).

If you can’t find this original e-mail, then simply click Forgot Your Password? You will be prompted to enter your SIR-II login (this is and your e-mail (this is simply your Washburn e-mail without the si- prefix). A password e-mail should be sent to you within five minutes.

I would like to change my password. That random string of characters is difficult to remember.

You can permanently change your SIR-II password to whatever you’d like. Log in to SIR-II, and then select “My Profile” from the left-hand menu. Enter your new password under both Password and Confirm Password and click Submit.

I enter my Washburn e-mail address and SIR-II password and I get the message “User Disabled – A survey has already been submitted.”

Student logins for the SIR-II system are the same as the student’s Washburn e-mail. However, instructor logins are always preceded by the hyphenated prefix “si-“.

For example: is a valid instructor login name, but would prompt the above error.

If an instructor tries to log in to SIR-II but fails to use the si- prefix, the system assumes that you are a student trying to access an old survey. This can be even trickier for faculty who are also taking courses at Washburn, because they will have both an instructor and student login.

When I try to access the Report Center pull-down menus in the SIR-II console, they either don’t appear or they disappear before I can click on them!

This often happens with Internet Explorer and Chrome, with which SIR-II has unfortunately poor compatibility. Firefox and Safari are generally better browsers to use with SIR-II. Alternatively, right-clicking on the menu can often force them to stay open.

When I attempt to access my Student Participation Status Report or Class Report for my class, I get the message “No record found.”

Make sure that you’ve entered the Administration Date and Report Type correctly. The date is always the month/year that the survey began. For Fall and Spring this is usually Apr-20XX and Nov-20XX respectively. For Report Type, choose “SIR-II Online” for traditional format courses and “eSIR” for online courses. I recognize how counterintuitive this is!

I am trying to access my Class Report and I get the message “No Record Found…the number of students responding to the survey was less than 5” even though I know that more than five students completed it.

Unfortunately SIR-II always displays this error message when it has no Class Report to share, and this can be misleading.

The real reason that the No Record Found message is reported is either because you entered the Administration Date or Report Type incorrectly (see above) or, more commonly, because access to the Class Reports for that term hasn’t yet been enabled. While every faculty member gets their class reports e-mailed to them immediately after the term is over, access to the reports via the SIR-II console isn’t usually enabled until the start of the following term.

I received neither an SIR-II PDF Class Report nor an “Under 5 Responses” Excel Sheet for my class.

While rare, you will receive no report if zero students completed the survey. You might check your Participation Status Report to confirm this. If you confirm that students did complete the survey, contact me (, possibly after checking your Clutter and Junk folders in case the report was routed there.