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College of Arts and Sciences Student Perception Forms

Purpose & Use of Student Perception Surveys

SIR-II Survey Instructions

SIR-II student perception surveys are made available to students during the final two weeks of class. The survey system is compatible with nearly all computers and mobile devices. If you would like to check out iPads for your class, contact the CAS office at ext. 1636

When the survey window opens, students receive two e-mails: one containing a link to the SIR-II system and another containing their password information. Students can access SIR-II surveys for a given term by visiting If a student forgets his/her password, then he or she may click on the Forgot Your Password link.

The College recommends that instructors allocate class time for students to complete SIR-II surveys, as this greatly increases response rate. The following instructions may be helpful in guiding students through the survey process:

SIR-II General Instructions

SIR-II In-Class Instruction Slide

SIR-II Participation Best Practices

SIR-II Class Reports

Class reports are automatically e-mailed to faculty at the end of each academic term. They contain a summary of all student responses and also provide comparative means, based on national comparative data that takes into account several demographic factors:

Class Size

           1-15 students

           16-35 students

            36-100 students

            Over 100 students

Course Format







Course Subject

93 Distinct Subject Codes are used                                         

Instructor Employment Status



Instructor Rank

              Teaching Assistant


               Assistant Professor

               Associate Professor


Instructor Gender



Ratings are made on a 5.0 scale, in which 5.0 = Highly Effective and 1.0 = Ineffective. The national average for the “Quality of Instruction” rating over all courses/subjects is 4.01.

Detailed tables relating comparative data for various disciplines and demographics are available from ETS (

Accessing the SIR-II System

Faculty can access the SIR-II system by visiting

There you can view the survey forms, check participation rates for your course(s) surveys, download Class Reports from previous semesters, and run searches for comparative data collected by ETS. Accessing the SIR-II system isn’t necessary unless you want to take advantage of the above features. SIR-II Class Reports are sent to faculty automatically via e-mail at the end of each term, so logging into the system is not required.

Your faculty login to the SIR-II system is your Washburn e-mail address preceded by the prefix “si-“ and your password is provided to you in an e-mail sent by

For example:


                Password: AbCdEfG

After your first successful login, you can change the randomly-generated password to a password of your choosing by clicking on the My Profile button.

SIR-II Technical Help

Are you or your students encountering difficulty with the SIR-II system? Check this list of solutions to commonly encountered issues. If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact Assistant Dean Matt Arterburn ( for assistance.