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MISSING YOU, METROPOLIS | A production from Gary Jackson's book of poems | Nov 18, 2-4 and Nov 19, 4-7 | In the Neese Gray Theatre, GC #130, Garvey Fine Arts on campus | 6 men & 6 women | The protagonist and his best friend are African-American and a truly multi-racial cast is preferred | Please call (785)6701640 for more info - scripts in GC #133, theatre office.

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Carla Tilghman fiber-arts until the end of January 2013

The Life of Paul Robeson
Paul Robeson photo from National Archives & Records Administration

The World is My Home: The Life of Paul Robeson, a one man show by Stogie Kenyatta, Students Free w/ WU id, General Admission $10, call (785) 235.3939 for more info

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Nov. 18, 2-4 and Nov. 19, 4-7

in the Neese Gray Theatre on campus  | 6 men & 6 women 

Please call (785)6701640 for more information

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Click here for an Art Talk interview with Gary Jackson

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