Sociology / Anthropology

Washburn University Sociology/Anthropology Department Alumni Survey Form

The Sociology/Anthropology (SO/AN) Department at Washburn University is in the process of assessing our departmental programs. As part of that assessment, we periodically conduct a survey of departmental alumni concerning their experiences with the SO/AN curriculum and faculty. We are asking everyone who graduated with Anthropology and/or Sociology majors in the years 2006-2013 to complete the survey below. Your participation is completely voluntary. Your participation is also anonymous; when you submit the form, the information comes to us through an anonymous e-mail message. Consequently, your identity remains unknown to us. In addition, your answers will be kept confidential. Only aggregated data will be used in our assessment reports.


Instructions for completing the survey form:
(1) To make sure that we accurately record your answers:
  (a) For questions with pull-down menus, click on the "arrow" and then click on the appropriate answer.
  (b) For questions with radio buttons, click within the button next to the appropriate answer
  (c) For questions with open boxes as part of the choices, type your answer within the box. You will notice that a couple of the open boxes include instructions inside the box. If you triple-click inside the box, you will be able to delete those instructions and type your answer.
(2) After completing the survey form, please click on the "Submit Form" button.

1. In which year did you complete your undergraduate degree at WU?

2. What was your major (within the SO/AN department)?
Both Anthropology and Sociology
3. Did you have a second major outside the SO/AN department?
4. Did you have a minor?
5. As a student at WU, did you participate in a Supervised Study course with an SO/AN faculty?
Yes, as a Directed Reading
Yes, as a Directed Research
Yes, both a Directed Reading and a Directed Research
6. As a student at WU, did you participate in a Study Abroad course?
7. As a student at WU, did you complete a WTE?
Yes, Community Service
Yes, Leadership
Yes, International Education
Yes, Scholarly/Creative
8. Have you pursued graduate-level studies?
8a. If you answered "YES" to Question #8 above, have you earned a graduate-level degree?
No -- I attended, but am no longer enrolled

8b. If you are pursing a graduate-level degree, please specify the degree:

9. What is your current employment status?

9a. If you are currently working at least part-time, what is your occupation?

10. Have you been in this occupation since graduation, or have you done other types of work?
Since Graduation
Have Done Other Types of Work

10a. If you have done other types of work since graduation, what type(s) of work?

11. Was your SO/AN major helpful in getting a job?

11a. How was your SO/AN major helpful or unhelpful in getting a job?

12. Is your SO/AN major helpful in doing your job?
N/A -- I am not currently working

12a. How is your SO/AN major helpful or unhelpful in doing your job?

13. What courses within the department did you find MOST helpful?

14. What courses within the department did you find LEAST helpful?

15. On a scale of 1 (least helpful) to 10 (most helpful), how would you describe your interaction with faculty members in the SO/AN department?

15a. Please elaborate on your interaction with SO/AN faculty members in the space below.

16. Do you have any suggestions for revising the curriculum for our program?

17. If there is anything we have not thought to ask, and you would like to tell us, about your experiences in the SO/AN department, please do so in the space provided below.


18. Sex

19. Age

20. Martial Status
Not Currently Married

21. Zip Code

22. Yearly Household Income

23. With which racial/ethnic group do you most identify?

For questions about this survey, please contact Dr. Cheryl Childers of the Sociology/Anthropology Department.
If you are interested in the results, you may e-mail us after December 1, 2013, and we will send you a summary of the research.

THANK YOU for your participation.