Undergraduate Degree

Departmental Honors

In order to graduate with departmental honors in psychology, students must complete one of the three options outlined in the new Departmental Honors Worksheet. NEW for 2016 – Students may graduate with Departmental Distinction, please see the options outlined in the Departmental Distinction Worksheet or speak to your advisor today.

Departmental Distinction Form

Departmental Honors Form

More Information on Honors Option 1:

The student must have the consent of one member of the psychology faculty who will serve as the student’s Honors Chairperson.  The student must enroll in PY390 under the supervision of his/her Honors Chairperson during his/her senior year.  The student must also gain the consent of at least two other members of the department to serve on his/her Honors Committee.

Upon completion of the honors project, the student must present a copy of his/her final paper to each member of his/her Honors Committee at least 7 days prior to honor’s thesis defense meeting.  The document should include at least 20 references.  The oral defense of the document must occur no later than the last day of classes and notification sent to the Department Administrative Secretary of the meeting in order to schedule a room.  The student must then present the oral defense of his/her project before the members of his/her committee.  The agreement of two-thirds of the committee is required before the student may be approved for graduation with honors.  The Honors Chairperson will notify the Department Administrative Assistant via when a student’s project has successfully be completed, including any revisions.

Two copies of the final thesis document need to be submitted to the Department of Psychology for binding.  One copy is kept in the Psychology Department and one copy is given to your thesis Committee Chairperson.  The student can submit other copies for their own purposes.  See the Department Administrative Assistant for structure of document and applicable fees.

We strongly advise the prospective honors student to begin his/her honors project during the second semester of his or her junior year.  Additional information about acceptable honors projects should be obtained from the prospective Honors Chairperson.

Note.  Student who wish to count their Psychology Honors thesis toward the University Honors Capstone requirement should also submit their poster either for publication or for presentation in a public forum in addition to the committee defense. For more information about the University Honors Program, please visit www.washburn.edu/honors.