Graduate Degree

Practicum and Internship: More experience = better clinician

Practicum (on-campus experience)

The department administers a Psychological Services Clinic which offers various treatment programs to the general public. Graduate students serve as client counselors who staff the clinic under the supervision of faculty.  Graduate students typically work in our clinic for two years, taking on increasing levels of responsibilities each semester.  

A suite of one-way observation rooms is available for demonstrations and supervision of clinical work. In this way, students have an opportunity to receive integrated training from faculty across the classroom and clinic.  Video and audio recording and playback are available as training aids.

Internship (off-campus experience)

During their last year in the graduate program, students receive training and supervision at an external internship site.  The Psychology Department maintains internship arrangements at a number of mental health facilities, primarily in the Topeka area, but also through eastern Kansas. Each internship is a 9-10 month placement that includes 20 hours of supervised training experience per week. Internship placements change from semester to semester and year to year as agency needs and resources change, so the following list of sites should not be considered as fixed, but it does reflect the types of sites that are typically available for internship:

  • Correct Care Solutions - Lansing Men's Prison
  • Correct Care Solutions - Topeka Women's Prison
  • Family Services and Guidance Center, Topeka
  • Florence Crittendon Services
  • Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex
  • Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas
  • Osawatomie State Hospital Psychology Services
  • Rainbow State Hospital
  • South Central Mental Health Counseling Center
  • Southeast Kansas Community Mental Health Center
  • Washburn Rural High School
  • Washburn University Counseling Services
  • Wyandotte Center Community Behavioral Healthcare