Graduate Degree

MA Student Licensure Exam Results

Graduates of Washburn University’s Master’s Program in Psychology with an emphasis in clinical skills are eligible to take the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) in order to become a licensed master’s level psychologist (LMLP) in Kansas.  Some of our graduates go on to a doctoral program, and some of our graduates find jobs in other states; therefore, not all of our gradates take the EPPP in Kansas.  The information below is for our MA graduates who took the EPPP in the state of Kansas during the last 5 years. We note the percentage of graduates who passed the test.

Year Number of graduates taking exam Number of graduates passing exam Percent Passing
2010 4 2 50%
2011 5 4 80%
2012 8 8 100%
2013 6 5 83.33%
2014 7 7 100%
2015 4 4 100%