About Us

Psychology Department Mission Statement

The Psychology Department of Washburn University meets the education needs of several traditional and nontraditional student populations through our undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate program is designed to:

  1. Provide both general education courses and service courses for students enrolled in various two-year and four-year degree programs;
  2. Support students who chose an undergraduate psychology minor or correlated area to complement their degree program; and
  3. Serve CAS students seeking a BA degree with a psychology major.

The Psychology major offers the study of the science of psychology and the general benefits of a liberal arts education, emphasizing the preparation for lifelong learning, and thinking and action based on both specific and general knowledge and skills. The graduate program serves a small, carefully screened group of post-baccalaureate students pursuing graduate study in clinical psychology. The MA in clinical psychology offers professional training in clinical skills to prepare program graduates for licensure and practice under Kansas statutes. - (revised May 2004)

Contacting the Department

The Psychology Department is located in Henderson Learning Center, Room 211. We can be reached at the following address, phone number, fax number, and email address:

Washburn University

Psychology Department

Topeka, KS 66621


PH: (785) 670 -1564

FAX: (785) 670 -1239



Individual professors may be contacted via their email address (found on the Faculty page) or by calling the department.