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Physics & Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy

The Washburn Physics & Astronomy Department offers degrees in Physics (with a B.S. or B.A. option), as well as the only Computational Physics degree in Kansas.  We also offer an associate's degree (A.S.) in Engineering-Physics, along with the very popular Engineering Transfer and Engineering Dual-Degree programs.  Students not majoring in physics can earn a minor in physics, or take a variety of general education courses in physics, astronomy, and geology.

Why Major in Physics at Washburn?

A degree in physics from Washburn University equips you to think clearly about the world around you, analyze problems, recognize connections, draw conclusions based on evidence, and apply your knowledge to a wide range of fields.  Our small classes mean you get personal attention not available at larger universities.  Students also participate in research projects in one-on-one collaboration with our professors.  Our department specializes in computational physics research, with a wide range of applications, from the dynamics of neutron stars to how life on Earth is affected by radiation from space.

More than a list of facts, a physics degree gives you tools you can use to learn anything.  In a rapidly changing workplace, a physics degree gives you flexibility to succeed in any number of jobs, from engineering to technical writing to the practice of law. 

Want to know more about how a Washburn physics degree can help you achieve your goals?  Check out the resources posted here and get in touch with us - we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you decide if Washburn is the right place for you.

Jake Peterson

"I had an outstanding experience as a physics major at Washburn. The Physics and Astronomy Department offered the wide variety of courses that are found at larger institutions, while giving the personalized attention of a small college. The faculty were always available to lend a hand and offer additional instruction when needed. Having the opportunity to study with the Washburn Physics and Astronomy Department is the highlight of my academic career." - Jake Peterson, 2009, B.A. Physics