Student Testimonials

“My experience as a major in the philosophy department prepared me for graduate work in philosophy and for applying to law school.  I enjoyed getting to know my professors and fellow students over the course of many classes.  Now that I teach at a large University, I know what a rare and valuable experience being in a small department is.  I was hooked on philosophy after my first class – Introduction to Ethics – and the department at WU was an excellent place to cultivate my interests and skills.” -Annaleigh E. Curtis
(Ph.D, University of Colorado, Boulder; started at Harvard Law School in fall 2013)

“My experience with the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies was amazing.  I was a Religious Studies major and worked in the department in the afternoons, so I got to know the professors more closely.  They were encouraging and helpful, even outside of their classes.  The classes can be difficult.  There are philosophical questions that will likely bother me for the rest of my life, and I thank these professors for making me think about these matters even though this might sometimes be uncomfortable.  I am furthering myself in Religious Studies presently, and for that I owe a lot to Dr. Crawford who was particularly patient and encouraging.  I strongly recommend taking courses both in philosophy and religious studies at WU.” -Krystal Luce
(Graduate Student, Religious Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

“The Washburn University Philosophy Department is responsible for my most difficult academic challenges, my most significant academic growth, and my most cherished academic experiences.  The curriculum fully prepared me for graduate school and beyond, leaving me only unable to properly express my gratitude.” -Chase Miller
(Graduate Student, Law School, Washburn University)

“While I am not a philosophy major, I have taken a philosophy class almost every semester for the past three years here at Washburn.  I took these classes because I couldn't resist, the professors were great and the material was enjoyable every year.  Next year, I'll be going to law school, and the skills I've obtained from these classes will give me an advantage among the other students.” -Amy Molina
(Senior, Political Science Major, Washburn University; Mock Trial President)

“Undergraduate training in philosophy at Washburn University was great preparation for graduate work in philosophy.  Unlike at many universities, students were able and encouraged to work closely with professors who were experts in their fields.  Much like graduate school, there was a lot of one-on-one attention and a close-knit sense of a community of inquiry.  Additionally, working with a few professors over multiple semesters was greatly beneficial for my development, as the professors were able to get to know me, as well as my strengths and my weaknesses, and guide me towards being a better philosopher, a better student, and a better person.” -Marcus Schultz-Bergin
(Graduate Student, Applied Philosophy, Bowling Green State University; Falcon Debate Coach; Philosophy TV Coordinator,