Philosophy & Religious Studies

In unphilosophical minds any rare or unexpected thing excites wonder, while in philosophical minds the familiar excites wonder also. -George Santayana

Welcome!  The Philosophy Department offers two majors: Philosophy and Religious Studies. Each is intended to provide a good grounding in its discipline while at the same time providing a solid foundation for graduate or professional studies.

Why Major in Philosophy or Religious Studies at Washburn?

The Philosophy Department at Washburn University prides itself on the quality of its Philosophy and Religious Studies programs and the success of its graduates.  Our philosophy graduates have become lawyers, bankers, ministers, priests, college teachers, optometrists, and physicians.  Some have owned or managed businesses and some have become homemakers.  Many of our religious studies graduates have continued their education in graduate schools of religion and in seminaries of various denominations.  Philosophy and religious studies provide an excellent foundation for success in a variety of academic and professional fields and also helps students come to a better understanding of themselves and of their world.

At Washburn, philosophy and religion courses are typically taught by professors who hold the Ph.D. and who have many years of teaching experience.  Individual classes are relatively small.  Most required philosophy courses have fewer than 20 students.  Junior-senior philosophy and religion courses seldom have more than 15 students.  This means that students have the opportunity for substantial class participation and considerable individual attention from full-time professionals.

If you are interested in pursuing a challenging undergraduate program in Philosophy or Religious Studies, we invite you to visit the department at Washburn and discuss your plans with us.