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Additional Language Opportunities at Washburn

Additional Languages 

The Department of Modern Languages offers three additional language programs at the elementary and intermediate levels.  While these languages cannot be pursued as a major, they do fulfill the foreign language requirement of a B.A. at Washburn and allow students to branch out in exciting and unusual areas of study.  

Courses Offered:

Chinese Courses 

Japanese Courses 

Latin Courses 

Minor in International Studies 

The curriculum for the Minor in International Studies consists of three components: a foreign language, study abroad, and course work. The specific requirements are as follows:

Foreign Language Requirement: A minimum of 9 credit hours of a modern foreign language beyond the 100 level.

Study Abroad Requirement: Participation in at least a summer long (4 weeks minimum) study abroad program in the country of the language studied.

Course Work Requirement: A minimum of 12 hours of course work chosen from the following collaborative departments: English, History, Art, Political Science, Religion, Philosophy, Anthropology and Sociology, Mass Media and the School of Business. The courses identified should focus on international topics. They should be chosen in consultation with an advisor in the Department of Modern Languages.

Minor in International Business

The department of Modern Foreign Languages also helps the School of Business with their minor in International Business with regard to the language requirements. For more information, see the School of Business web page.

Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino/a Studies

This minor is constructed around the premise that broader understanding of the issues that face Latin America, the Caribbean and the Latino/a population today is crucial in the global community.  The minor is also constructed around the second premise that nations do not exist in isolation.  Interaction and interdependence shaped nations in the Western hemisphere in the past, do so in the present, and will continue to do so in the future.

To obtain this optional minor students will completed at least 18 credit hours of coursework.  In addition to six credit hours of required coursework, students much complete at least 12 credit hours of elective courses from at least two disciplines.  A student will not be able to take more than six elective credits in a single discipline.  Some courses require completion of prerequisites.  The advisor will serve in the role of department chair to certify that a student has successfully met the requirements for this optional minor.

The requirements are as follows: Spanish fluency at the intermediate level; basic understanding of the history of the relationships between nations in the American hemisphere; knowledge of cultural and ethnic relationships, economics, literature, and environmental issues pertinent to Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino/a peoples in the Americas.  Required courses include: SP201/202 Intermediate Spanish I / II; and one of the following:  HI 100, HI 101, HI 102, AN 112.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Kim Morse (History department)


Dr. Miguel González-Abellás

Licensure to Teach

The department regularly prepares students to meet state certification requirements for teaching grades K-12. In addition to the usual requirements of the department, all students planning to teach must take ED 368 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and be formally admitted to the University’s Professional Teacher Education Programs. For admission requirements, visit the Department of Education web page.