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MFL Annual Assessment Reports

Discover the learning assessment criteria used by the department by reading our annual assessment reports:

Assessment Report 2014-15Assessment Report 2013-14Assessment Report 2012-13Assessment Report 2011-12Assessment Report 2010-11Assessment Report 2009-10Assessment Report 2008-09

Quality Indicators and Accreditation

Mission Statement:

Consistent with the mission of the University, the Department of Modern Languages serves as the main source for studying world cultures in their own languages, thus preparing students to communicate in other languages and be knowledgeable about other cultures, so they can compare and connect their culture to others and become engaged citizens in the global community.

Faculty members and language instructors, trained in humanities and linguistics studies, strive to share their knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures.  The department collaborates with many other units, such as Music, History, Business, Education, and the Honors program to offer a vast array of opportunities to students wanting to bridge discipline boundaries. Through study abroad programs, and service opportunities within the community and at the international level, the department continues to support the mission of the university in developing skilled, engaged, and informed global citizens. Our department reaches out to the community by inviting guest speakers to campus and by fostering a relationship with local schools and other community engagement groups.

The department offers a minor in International Studies; majors and minors in French, German, and Spanish; collaborates with the School of Business in their minor in International Business; and also offers a minor with the History Department in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino/a Studies. It also maintains course offerings in other languages, currently Latin, Japanese, and Chinese.

Thus, the Department aims to serve students who:

  • Major or minor in a foreign modern language
  • Must fulfill the foreign language requirement (BA degree)
  • Wish to combine foreign language with a professional program, e.g. business
  • Plan to teach
  • Plan to go on to graduate school