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We Exist to Serve Students

The heart of the University is the faculty.

The purpose of the University is to provide educational experience and service to students.

Students are the most important people on campus.

Without students there would be no need for the University.

Teaching students is a privilege.

Students provide us the opportunity to teach and serve.

Students come to us with their needs, interests and desires.

It is our responsibility to provide experiences to help satisfy those needs,interests and desires.

Students are the lifeblood of this University.

Without them we would not have a purpose.

Students are not dependent on us for an education.

They have alternatives and are continually comparing Washurn with each of those alternatives.

Students are not an interruption of our work.

They are the purpose of it.

Students are not just a basis for credit hours and majors.

They are the people with feelings and emotions who deserve our attention and a sincere consideration of their needs.

Students deserve the most courteous attention we give them.

Students are the only reason the University exists.

Our mission is to serve students.

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