Quality Indicators

Mission Statement

At Washburn University’s English Department, we make it our mission to provide our students with critical reading and writing skills for their personal and professional futures, and to serve the larger community through excellence in teaching, innovative scholarship, and creative work. Consistent with the mission of the University and the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of English seeks to satisfy the needs and aspirations of three different groups of students:

  • Those taking English to satisfy the University’s writing requirement. For more information, please visit the Composition page. 

  • Those taking English to satisfy general education Humanities requirements

  • Those taking English to satisfy major requirements in one of three undergraduate emphases: English with a Literature Emphasis, English with a Writing Emphasis, or English Education.

English majors will acquire the skills and habits of mind that serve them well in all occupations and professions. They will learn to read carefully, write effectively, exercise good judgment in solving problems, and flexibly adopt different points of view. More specifically, students will become knowledgeable about great literature (American, British, and World) and writing, understand how language functions in communication and the arts, and appreciate and understand how human beings from different cultures and/or from different times have used the literary arts to shape experiences thoughtfully and meaningfully. Students will acquire the ability to express these ideas via analysis, creative thinking, and writing. 

Assessment Results

View information on English department assessment results for our various emphases below.

English Education Assessment Plan through 2018-2019

English Literature Assessment Plan through 2018-2019

English Writing Assessment Plan through 2018-2019