Composition Program

 The composition program at Washburn University aims to prepare students for written communication necessary to become an active and productive member of academia, the work force, and democratic citizenship.

Students are required to enroll in both English 101 and English 300. English 101, Freshman Composition, provides an introduction to academic reading, writing, and thinking, and prepares students for writing expectations of college. English 300, Advanced Composition, is taken as an upperclassman while students are engaged in their major coursework. Therefore, English 300 connects composition to the various rhetorical contexts of students’ majors and future career aspirations, aiming to create flexible writers who can successfully respond to a variety of audiences and situations. Sections of specialized English 300 are available for students majoring in nursing, business and education. These sections emphasize writing processes and genres within particular professional contexts.

The English Department also offers elective composition courses. EN 100, Developmental Composition, assists students in building their writing skills in such areas as organization, development, grammar and mechanics, and sentence structure. Students can take this course prior to EN 101. EN 208, Business and Technical Writing, focuses on professional writing basics, including business writing principles, emails, memos, and letters.

Overall, the composition program at Washburn is organized to teach students not only the skills and conventions of successful written communication, but also the habits of mind necessary to critically examine and participate in a range of written discourse communities.