Writing Emphasis

Writing Emphasis Program Requirements


Thirty-nine total English hours required, including core requirements, but excluding English 101 and 300. The writing emphasis major’s field program should look as follows:

Core Requirements

EN 206 Introduction to Poetry Writing (3)

EN 209 Introduction to Fiction Writing (3)

EN 301 Critical Reading and Writing (3)

EN 310 Modern English Grammar (3)

EN 315 Reading as Writers

EN 384 Publishing Lab (3)

Two of the following:

EN 305 Advanced Fiction Writing

EN 306 Advanced Poetry Writing

EN 307 Creative Nonfiction Writing

Choose four (at least one from each sequence)

EN 325 English Literature I (3)

EN 326 English Literature II (3)

EN 330 American Literature I (3)

EN 331 American Literature II (3)

EN 360 World Literature I (3)

EN 361 World Literature II (3

Choose one from the following courses

EN 210 Mythologies in Literature (3)

EN 337 The Short Story (3)

EN 382 Modern Novel (3)

or an equivalent approved by the chairperson

Students in the Writing emphasis should consider EN 384 Publishing Lab their capstone.

One course from the following

MM 202 Basic Media Writing or other MM that emphasizes writing

A playwriting course within the Theatre department

=39 total hours

Within the Humanities offerings, one course numbered 102