English Education

English Education Program Requirements


Thirty total English hours required, including core requirements, but excluding English 101 and English 300 with the teaching emphasis. Students who plan to teach in secondary schools should consult with the English Education advisor in the department at an early date.

Students should also consult the Education Department section of the catalog regarding Admission requirements and Professional Education course requirements. The teaching major’s program should look as follows:

Core Requirements

EN 310 Modern English Grammar (3)

EN 301 Critical Reading and Writing (3)

EN 320 Lit for Young Adults (3)

Choose four (at least one from each sequence )

EN 325 English Literature I (3)

EN 326 English Literature II (3)

EN 330 American Literature I (3)

EN 331 American Literature II (3)

EN 360 World Literature I (3)

EN 361 World Literature II (3

Group A - Literary Forms (Choose one)

EN 337 The Short Story (3)

EN 380 Modern Poetry (3)

EN 381 Drama (3)

EN 382 Modern Novel (3)

Group B - Literary Periods (Choose one)

EN 370 Medieval Literature (3)

EN 371 Renaissance Literature (3)

EN 372 Restoration and 18th Century Literature (3)

EN 373 Romantic/Victorian Literature (3)

EN 374 Modern Literature (3)

EN 375 Contemporary Literature (3)

Group C - Major Authors

EN 345 Shakespeare or another major author course approved by the departmental chairperson. (3)

=30 total English hours

Students seeking certification to teach must also be formally admitted to the University’s Professional Teacher Education Programs. For admission requirements, see EDUCATION in the university catalog. NOTE: All teaching licenses in the State of Kansas have been revised. Students planning to pursue a teaching license should consult with an advisor prior to enrolling in courses.