Reflective Educators

The Washburn University Department of Education seeks to facilitate the education and development of reflective educators along the professional continuum, from preservice to nationally certified teachers, as well as individuals in educational leadership positions. We are committed to preparing educators to work in rural, suburban, and urban settings. We are further committed to educating leaders and professional specialty practitioners for leadership roles in schools and other community settings. We believe it is important for these professional educators to:

a) be inner directed, reflective, and optimistic about the influence of education on the lives of learners;

b) have a well-rounded education in the liberal arts and sciences that aids their ability to engage in critical and reflective thought;

c) have high standards as effective and caring educators;

d) be leaders and agents of change within schools;

e) be knowledgeable of current curriculum, materials, and technology;

f) communicate effectively;

g) be open to and accepting of diversity among people;

h) establish effective learning environments;

i) work collaboratively with school staff, families, and the community;

j) be a part of a community of learners, viewing themselves as both teachers and learners in a variety of educational environments.